A bill in Peru seeks that animal traffickers be tried as participants in organized crime, reclassifying four environmental crimes.

In Peru, a bill seeks to propose the disqualification of public officials involved in criminal organizations linked to the trafficking of wild fauna and flora. Between 2010 and 2018 alone, more than 50,000 animals were seized as illegal.
For his part, Congressman Alberto de Belaúnde, a member of the Purple Party, presented bill 6051-2020, which seeks to reclassify four environmental crimes as organized crime: illegal trafficking of species of flora and fauna; illegal extraction and processing of aquatic spices and predation of wild flora and fauna.

Animal traffickers in Peru are a plague

Alberto Belaúnde assured that “The gangs that operate in wildlife trafficking have similar networks and the same modus operandi as those of other organized crime crimes. But the authorities that confront them do so with the tools of common crimes ”.
For this reason, the congressman indicated that “this crime must be recategorized as what it is, to confront it with the necessary forcefulness.” According to the legislator of the Purple Party, this recategorization will allow the use of greater and better tools to prosecute the illegal trade of wildlife in Peru.

This in addition to the application of the interception of communications or the lifting of the bank secrecy of the tax reserve of the offenders. Likewise, Bill 6051-2020, presented in the last week of August, will facilitate the disqualification of public officials involved in the criminal organizations that commit them.


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