The authorities presume that the perpetrators of the crime were informal miners who want to enter the place.

From a bullet to the head and another to the hip, Roberto Carlos Pacheco Villanueva, an environmental defender, was killed while touring his forest concession on the right bank of the Interoceanic Highway, in the Madre de Dios region.

The young man shot was the son of a well-known environmentalist Demetrio Pacheco, who had already denounced that Roberto Carlos received death threats from illegal invaders who entered his property.

The same father of the young environmental defender found his body when he was lying in the middle of a trail at kilometer 356 of the Interoceanic highway (Urcos-Iñapari).

The day before he was killed, the young man went for a walk through his forest concession. As he did not arrive, two people who worked with him and his father went looking for him and found him dead.

The road led to agricultural land adjacent to the victim’s property. It is presumed that this death is the result of threats received by both to scare them away from the Peruvian Amazon.

“Here you are wasting your time, you are the one who has to disappear from here” was the last threat that Roberto Carlos Pacheco received in April of this year.

The PNP (Policia Nacional Peruana) has been investigating the case and the prosecutor Miriam Huillca Huamán, from the Second Provincial Criminal Criminal Prosecutor’s Office of Tambopata, arrived at the crime scene.

Everything suggests that those responsible are informal miners who threatened the Pacheco family, for not allowing them to devastate the place, said the representative of the Ombudsman in Madre de Dios, Guimo Loaiza Muños.

Madre de Dios is one of the Peruvian regions bordering Bolivia and Brazil the most decimated by illegal gold mining. There are cartels, organized criminal gangs, prostitution as well as trafficking of children to go to illegal mines.


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