I believe that it is simply impossible and unthinkable for me to allow humans to destroy nature. Endowed with a great sensitivity for the animal condition as well as respect for human and ethical values, the environmental cause is innate to me.
Raised in various countries of the world, all rich in biodiversity, my passion for animals and nature represents a large part of my life.

For several years I have been working as an environmental crime investigator. After long graduate studies in Paris and training with various intelligence agencies, I decided to use all human, technological and financial resources to counter the rise of organized environmental crime, particularly in animal trafficking. wildlife, poaching, deforestation and pollution of watercourses.

With the NGO Géosmine Org, I can carry out field missions with law enforcement, other NGOs and conservation research institutes to protect threatened wild and natural species as quickly as possible.

My site allows to share a lot of news with you, concerning threats to the environment, but also good news, seizures as well as new measures put in place to fight effectively against environmental crime. This site is not related to Géosmine and concerns only my comments and judgments.

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